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lindsey roman

Hey friend! I'm Lindsey. Most days you can find me drinking black coffee, stuffing my face with Thai food (the spicier the better), traveling with my hubby, or watching Criminal Minds. If there's a strong wind & a pile of leaves there's a 85% chance I'll be found frolicking in it. I'd much rather be in the mountains than a shopping mall, and I'm a freakishly short human being. 5 feet tall to be exact, and I think I rock every inch of those 5 feet, thank you very much. (Insert hair flip here.) I am a dreamer, an adventurer, a girl who always has her bags packed, and a wife to my wonderful husband Andrew. I'm based out of Oahu, Hawaii, but I looovveee to travel. I love serving the world by encouraging others to value their worth and chase after their God given calling.



  • spicy food
  • wild + candid moments
  • jesus
  • not wearing a bra
  • national park explorin'
  • girl chats - preferably with wine

Evie Rupp

My name is Evelyn, but all my friends call me Evie. And since we’re gonna be friends, you can call me that right off the bat. I’m a full-time shower-singer, kitchen-dancer, friend-hugger, and Jesus-lover. I love the real, raw, candid, and authentic; especially in my photography. I love car jams at the top of your lungs, cheesy food, spontaneous adventures, and big bowls of ice cream. I frequently snort when I laugh, pop a squat on the floor with a perfectly good chair right beside me, avoid coffee whenever possible, and cry at almost every movie - happy or sad. I’m a California based adventure photographer, but always packing my bags. The more spontaneous, crazy, and wild the adventure... the more ready I am for it. I’m a dreamer + a lover. Awkward as heck, but proud of every little quirk that makes me unique.

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  • massive bowls of ice cream
  • jesus
  • reckless, spontaneous adventures
  • puns + dad jokes
  • floor sits
  • awkward dancing - preferably with wine