"My time in Malibu with Lindsey & Evie is sure to be a highlight of my year.  These girls are everything they seem to be and more! My obsession with Lindsey began after my husband & I had a session with her in Hawaii. Our experience (not to mention our images) ignited a flame in me that spread like wildfire. I'm an established photography business owner who has been wanting to shift from large high end weddings to more luxurious elopements. As creatives, we're always evolving; I think we should always be learning. One of the greatest things you can do is invest in your craft and your business, no matter the stage you're in. When Lindsey & Evie announced their workshop, I jumped at the opportunity. The entire workshop, from start to finish, had their hard work, enthusiasm, & talent all over it! Photographers from every stage of business encouraged one another & shared the excitement of small (and huge) victories. I gained lifelong friends & came home with the most refreshed & excited perspective, as well as new elements to incorporate into my client experience, posing, & photography style. If you invest in the Heart Workshop (which I cannot encourage enough!!!), you will grow in every aspect -- as a photographer, a business owner, and as a human." // Amanda Coker of Dash Photography,  Malibu



"You know when you feel like something’s missing, but you can’t figure out what it is? You’re on your journey following that fire and passion, you know what you want and need to accomplish, but you’re just falling a bit short? This has been my state of being for a while now... I started following Lindsey on Instagram and every time I came onto the app, her story would be one of the first and I thought to myself, this lady and her dance moves do not hold back. I came for her photos and stayed for her passion. When her and Evie announced The Heart Workshop I had about a 20 min argument with myself before uncharacteristically jumping in both feet first with very little thought and reason. Here I was, months before even attending the Heart and felt as though that missing part was beginning to fill. The Heart stands out firstly because of the amazing women leading it— Evie and Lindsey lead with their hearts and souls, a passion for what they do and the memories they create. In return, they attract like-minded, positive, empowering, and badass women. Yes, I learned so much priceless information concerning the business side of photography, but what made it worthwhile was the community I gained in those few short days. These are women who will set the world on fire, leading with their hearts. The Heart Workshop— filling your soul, heart, & mind since April 2018." // Chelsey Marie,  Malibu



"The Heart Workshop was the single best thing I've done for my business thus far. I learned so much that I never would have thought of on my own. I took pages of notes and will be referring back to them in every step of growing my business. The styled elopement shoot on the beach in Malibu was perhaps the best part for me. It was so much fun and it really sealed the deal for me that I want to be an adventurous photographer. I left the workshop feeling SO EXCITED for my future and the direction that I want to take my business in. I also want to rave about the two adorable, goofy, intelligent, powerful goddesses that ran the workshop. It was so clear how much work & thought Evie & Lindsey put into it. They made sure we were staying somewhere BEAUTIFUL, where the surroundings themselves would inspire us to create. They put together a cohesive series of lectures, communicated all of their wisdom effectively, while making it interesting & fun. You can tell they genuinely love teaching and empowering others. If you feel stuck in your business, you're not sure where to take it or how to move it forward, if you want to learn and be empowered by a huge group of other amazing girl bosses, this is the workshop for you. JUMP ON IT! Don't hesitate! You will love it." // Lucy Bouman,  Malibu




"OMG, WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN?? This workshop was seriously the BEST. I learned so SO much from Lindsey and Evie (including some new sick dance moves). A couple words to describe my experience at the Malibu workshop would be amazing, encouraging, unforgettable, FUN, and BENEFICIAL!! I also got to meet and spend two days with the most beautiful, loving, and funny group of girls resulting in friendships that will definitely last a lifetime. The information that I learned in this workshop has been super beneficial and will improve my photography skills by 10000%. I walked out of the experience feeling encouraged, excited, worthy, and ready to take on different opportunities thrown my way. I cannot thank Lindsey and Evie enough for making me feel more confident in myself and in my work. They have SO much knowledge about photography & everything in between, and I would SOOO attend another workshop!!! Thank you both so much for helping me find my groove, uplifting and encouraging me the entire time! Y’all are the BEST!" // Cameron Greer,  Malibu




"I came into the workshop feeling discouraged. I was thinking about quitting my photography business. I ended up attending the workshop anyway, and The Heart Workshop encouraged me in so many ways! We shared our journeys and our hearts behind our businesses. We learned so much (10+ pages of notes for me!), and shot a DREAMMYYYY styled elopement shoot. The Heart Workshop was filled with so much practical information, an amazing hands on experience, and it encouraged my creative heart in so many ways. The Heart inspired me to continue with my photography business... because I realized that I wasn't alone with my struggles. And now, I have a community of women that I can connect with, and I'm so blessed. Thank you Lindsey + Evie times a million. I appreciate you two + your hearts + this workshop so freaking much." // Monica Krakora of Monica Deer Photography,  Malibu